KFU and Schlumberger on the way to new projects

Schlumberger KFU Danis Nourgaliev Ildus Chukmarov
Ekaterina Bredova
Ekaterina Bredova KFU
Ekaterina Bredova Kazan Federal University
Шлюмберже ИГиНГТ Бредова
Инкубатор дистанционных образовательных проектов Екатерина Бредова
Екатерина Бредова шлифы
Екатерина Бредова ХИМФАК КФУ
Екатерина Бредова томограф ИГиНГТ
Екатерина Бредова Ильдус Чукмаров

KFU and Schlumberger on the way to new projects

Kazan Federal University hosted Schlumberger Software university specialist Ekaterina Bredova. The guest  visited the  museum of history of KFU, got acquainted with the laboratories of  the  Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies , the Butlerov Chemical Institute , REC “TRIZ Modeling,” and  the developments of «Ekoneft» research area, as well as  with the capabilities of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing, its facilities and resources and distance education programs.

During the talks with  Danis Nurgaliev, the Vice-rector for Research and Director of the IGPT of Kazan University, and ldus Chukmarov, Deputy Director for Marketing of the  IGPT KFU and Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing,  a number of agreements were reached that will expand cooperation between KFU and Schlumberger in educational and research fields.

Schlumberger and KFU longstanding  partnership goes back to 2012, when Ilshat Gafurov, the Rector of Kazan Federal University, and  Artyom Karapetov,  HR Director of Schlumberger in Russia, signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of joint scientific and educational activities and placement of students . Since then, the IGPT software line has replenished with a large number of academic licenses of the company, and our graduates  regularly join the ranks of the company’s employees. We considered the possibility of a visit by colleagues from the Schlumberger technology center, so as they could  get acquainted with the capabilities of Kazan University and discuss further joint research projects,Danis Karlovich shared.

Currently, within the framework of cooperation, the students and teaching staff are provided lectures, company technological days are held during which the  students have a good  chance to sign up for trial interviews and apply for a job upon graduation. Moreover, joint projects are being implemented as part of further professional education,

After visiting the 3D GEO Center, which is equipped with academic licenses of the company’s software products, Ekaterina Bredova noted that students of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies have good  training opportunities . Of great interest was the possibility of creation of video lectures with the participation of company experts in the “Incubator of distance educational projects”.

On the basis of our Incubator, we could jointly create micro-lessons. Each year, the company develops new technologies and solutions and updates old versions of its software, which requires regular updating of knowledge. The company’s specialists would be able to talk about innovations in the format of online lectures, which are expected to be useful  both  for the students and specialists of oil and gas industry enterprises. Another interesting area of ​​cooperation could be forming of  Schlumberger audience with augmented VR and the creation of joint VR simulators aimed at arousing interest in the company’s technologies and innovations , as well as training industry employees, ”said Ildus Adgamovich.

In addition, it is expected to expand cooperation in the field of recruiting sessions and  organizing special «Schlumberger Days in KFU».

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