KFU and the state oil company of Cuba on the way to a new educational project

KFU and the state oil company of Cuba on the way to a new educational project

Tani Perez and Mario Miranda, representatives of the Cuban state oil company CUPET visited the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of  Kazan Federal University.  A close cooperation between the IGPT of KFU and the state oil and gas company of Cuba having started off a few years ago, is rapidly developing  . The purpose of the visit was to discuss the current contract on  the provision of advanced training services for 200 managers and specialists of the company, as well as the prospects for the implementation of a new two-year professional retraining program » Petroleum Engineering».

 Ildus Chukmarov, the Deputy director of  IGPT and the Director of  the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing said: “We have successfully implemented  three  different on-site training programs  in Havana, and the fourth course will start next week. It is worth noting that we are not just providing training for our Cuban colleagues, our aim  is to assist to the  increase of oil production in Cuba at lower costs and ensure its complete energy self-sufficiency”.

CUPET representatives highly appreciated the organization of training.  “ We were really impressed by the range of learning opportunities: the type and level of training you require, as well as the high quality of teaching and service ”, shared Tani Perez and Mario Miranda.

To recap, in 2018, 16 specialists of the state-owned oil company of Cuba successfully completed their studies at Kazan Federal University upon the program «Modern technologies of high-viscosity oil exploration and development» and obtained  KFU diplomas.  Juan Torres Naranjo,  the Deneral Director of the state-owned  Cuba oil company,  in his  letter of gratitude  expressed his thanks for  the contribution of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies to the development of friendly relations between CUPET and KFU.

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