Cement slurries used for casing cementing

Acquisition of theoretical knowledge in the field of cement slurries, their properties and methods of application


Certificate of Professional Development

40 hours

of practical and theoretical studies

Upon Request

Cost of the course

5 days

Course duration

Course description

Course participants will gain knowledge of the theoretical and experimental foundations of chemistry of solutions, in particular, the main classes of chemicals, solution theory, and chemical calculations of solution parameters

Students will become familiar with the classification and characteristics of solutions, interactions between molecules in a liquid medium, as well as study physical and chemical properties of solutions.

The course includes theory on cementing materials and equipment for well cementing, theory on types of solutions used in well cementing, and also methods for controlling the quality of well cementing


Practical part:

  • Preparation and experimental analysis of solutions

Category of trainees:

Managers and industry professionals

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No. Name of sections and topics Total Hours Including
Lectures Practical studies
1. Theoretical and experimental foundations of chemistry of solutions 12 8 4
1.1 The main classes of chemicals (acids, bases, salts). Theory of solutions. Basic concepts and laws. Chemical calculations of solution parameters. 4 2 2
1.2 Classification and characteristics of solutions (molecular, real and colloidal solutions). Interactions between molecules in a liquid medium 2 2 0
1.3 Physical and chemical properties of solutions 2 2 0
1.4 Preparation and experimental analysis of solutions 4 2 2
2. Cementing materials and well cementing equipment. 14 4 10
3. Types of cement slurries used in well cementing 8 2 6
4. Well cementing quality control methods. 4 4 0
  Final assessment 2    
  Total: 40    

Created in collaboration with the Mirrico group of companies

The training course can be carried out at premises of KFU or at another location required. The working language of training courses is English or Russian (with a translation into English or another language).

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