Decrease expenses for production wells maintenance

Acquisition of theoretical knowledge in the field of cost reduction for routine maintenance of production wells


Certificate of Professional Development

16 hours

of practical and theoretical studies

Upon request

Cost of the course

2 days

Course duration

Course description:

The program improves and creates the following professional skills:

  • To be able to search for effective reagents against ARPD and salts, metal-to-metal screw pumps, gas separators, etc.
  • Know the imperfection of available diagnostic technologies
  • Have an idea of the organization of the service of incoming inspection of repair equipment


Category of trainees:

Managers and specialists of Oil and Gas E&P Companies

Training Language:

English or Russian

No. Name of sections and topics Total, hours Including Form of assessment
Lectures Practical studies
1. Imperfection of available diagnostic technologies. Improving the reliability of repair equipment, development and improvement of methods for diagnosing of downhole pumping equipment, methods of non-destructive testing and detection of hidden defects 4 2 2
2. Lack or imperfection of the software for the selection of downhole pumping equipment. Refinement of the programs for the selection of downhole pumping equipment, analysis of the sucker rods breakage causes and development of recommendations for increasing the turnaround time of wells, development of methods and software for predicting complications. 4 2 2
3. Downhole pumping equipment solutions for complicated wells, search for effective reagents against ARPD and salts, metal-to-metal screw pumps, gas separators, fiberglass tubing, ESP umbilical cables. 2 2 0
4. Lack of an incoming control system for the repaired equipment. Organization of an incoming inspection service for repair equipment. 2 0 2
5. Tubeless operation of wells with sucker rod pumping units PCP units, the effect of pressure on the intake of submersible pumps on their performance, complications in oil production and effective ways to eliminate them 2 2 0
Subtotal: 14 8 6
Final assessment 2 Test
Total: 16

“At the seminar I learned about the application of technologies leading to cost reduction in well workover, oil and gas production, both in Russian companies and abroad”;

“There is a lot of useful information. Rich experience and knowledge of the teacher. Extensive and informative workshop. Thanks!»;

“Very informative and rewarding training. Competent and versatile teacher. He gave correct answers to all questions, including in the discussion mode. «

Training is conducted at the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies at the following address: Kremlyovskaya str., 4/5, Kazan, Russia.

We can provide accommodation assistance for non-resident students in order to book KFU campus / hotel rooms.
In addition to the program, there are coffee breaks and excursions in the Museum of History of Kazan University, the Geological Museum named after A.A. Stukenberg and the Kazan Kremlin.

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