Drilling fluids

Acquisition of theoretical knowledge in the field of drilling fluids, their properties and methods of application


Certificate of Professional Development

40 hours

of practical and theoretical studies

Upon Request

Cost of the course

5 days

Course duration

Course description

Course participants will gain knowledge of the chemical fundamentals of drilling fluid preparation and analysis, drilling fluid systems, in particular, participants will consider composition, functions of drilling fluids, drilling fluid parameters and their identification.

The course participants will study the effect of drilling fluids on the stability of the wellbore, contamination, absorption of the drilling fluid, drilling tool sticking.

Practical part:

  • During the practical exercises, students will become familiar with equipment for studying the properties of drilling fluids, researching samples using the method of x-ray computed tomography.

Category of trainees:

Managers and industry professionals

Created in collaboration with the Mirrico group of companies

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No. Nametopics Totalhours Lectures Practical studies
1. Chemical fundamentals of drilling fluids preparation and analysis 18 10 8
1.1 Fundamentals of General, Organic and Polymer Chemistry 6 4 2
1.2 Fluids. Theory, classification, general concepts and characteristics of drilling fluids. Physico-chemical methods for the study of drilling fluids 12 6 6
2. Drilling Fluid Systems 14 8 6
2.1 Drilling fluids. Drilling fluid composition. Drilling fluid functions. Drilling fluid parameters and their definition. Drilling Fluid Components. 6 4 2
2.2 Drilling fluid systems. Wellbore stability. Drilling mud contamination. Lost circulation. Tool sticking. Equipment for drilling fluids preparation and purification. Well injection. Environment protection 8 4 4
3. Overview of equipment for studying drilling fluid properties Samples analysis using x-ray computed tomography 6 0 6
  Final assessment 2    
Total: 40    

The training course can be carried out at premises of KFU or at another location required. The working language of training courses is English or Russian (with a translation into English or another language).

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