Geomechanical modeling while drilling and completion of wells. Practical course using specialized software

Acquisition of theoretical knowledge in the field of geomechanics, as well as practical skills in modeling geomechanical properties for well design.


Certificate of Professional Development

40 hours

of practical and theoretical studies

Upon Request

Cost of the course

5 days

Course duration

Course description

The course covers fundamental concepts of rock mechanics, theoretical and practical aspects of using geomechanical data for well design and maintenance during construction, stress tensor concept, and experimental determination of rock mechanical parameters.

The course examines in detail the initial stress field of the earth’s crust, the initial values of pore pressure, and methods for determining pore pressure.

Course attendees will consider in detail the concepts and designs of the mechanical model of the Earth, well profile design features to ensure maximum wellbore stability, as well as the construction of a wellbore stability model.

Practical part:

  • Building a wellbore stability model in specialized software

Category of trainees:

Managers and industry professionals

“Good course. I learned a lot.”

“I really liked the course, will put it into practice”

No. Name of sections and topics Total Hours Lectures Practical studies
1. Fundamental concepts of rock mechanics 8 2 6
1.1 Use of geomechanical data for well design and maintenance during construction 4 2 2
1.2 Stress tensor 2 0 2
1.3. Determination of rock mechanical parameters by experimental method 2 0 2
2. Initial data 6 4 2
2.1 Initial stress field 2 2 0
2.2 Initial pore pressure 2 2 0
2.3 Methods for determining pore pressure 2 0 2
3. Mechanical model of the earth concept and design 8 4 4
4. Well profile design to ensure maximum wellbore stability 8 4 4
4.1 Wellbore stability assessment while drillingWell reinforcement

Rock destruction mechanics

8 4 4
5. Building a wellbore stability model 8 4 4
  Final assessment 2    
Total: 40    

Training is conducted at the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies at the following address: Kremlyovskaya str., 4/5, Kazan, Russia

We can provide accommodation assistance for non-resident students in order to book KFU campus / hotel rooms.
In addition to the program, there are coffee breaks and excursions in the Museum of History of Kazan University, the Geological Museum named after A.A. Stukenberg and the Kazan Kremlin.

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