This course is designed for specialists, who want to learn Russian approaches in Geophysics


Professional Retraining Diploma

550 hours

of practical and theoretical studies

3500 USD/year

Cost of the course

12 months

Course duration

Course description

The course includes lectures and practicals in Geology, Hydrogeology, Lithology, Mineralogy, Well Logging, Gravity, Magnetic, Electrical surveying, Regional geology, Geochemistry of Oil and Gas as well as some advanced courses as a special topics of the course sub division.

You can choose one of the following additional topics:

• Seismic
• Well logging
• Geosteering

The course is 12 month long, most part of the course is provided in the form of e-learning lectures. Pr actical work in the labs includes 1 month full-time study at Kazan Federal University.

Training Language: Russian

Practical part:

  • Practical part consists of well logging interpretation, seismic processing, interpretation and static geological modeling

Category of trainees:

Managers and specialists of  Oil & Gas EP Companies

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Training is conducted at the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies at the following address: Kremlyovskaya str., 4/5, Kazan, Russia.

We can provide accommodation assistance for non-resident students in order to book KFU campus / hotel rooms.
In addition to the program, there are coffee breaks and excursions in the Museum of History of Kazan University, the Geological Museum named after A.A. Stukenberg and the Kazan Kremlin.

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