Reservoir Modelling: Basin Analysis, Static Geological Model, Reservoir Simulation and CO2 Sequestration

Acquisition of theoretical knowledge


Certificate of training

16 hours

of practical and theoretical studies

2 500 USD per group / 100 USD per individual

Cost of the course

1 — 7 July 2022

Course dates

Course description:

Short time intensive online course given by the best tutors of Kazan Federal University.

During the course students will obtain theoretical knowledge on reservoir investigation: from basin analysis to static and dynamic modelling.
Creation of deposition models, reserves calculation using static geological models in modern software, reservoir simulation and flow rate prediction as well as CO2 sequestration.

Category of trainees:

Students, Oil and Gas Industry Professionals

Training Language:


Name of topics Total hours Including Form of assessment
Lectures Practical studies
1. Introduction to the Basin Analysis 4 4  
2. Static geological modelling.

Conceptual model.

Facies model.

Petrophysical model.

Reserves calculation

4 4
3. Introduction to Reservoir Simulation.

Basic principles of Reservoir Simulation.

Practical application of reservoir simulation.

6 6
4. CO2 Sequestration 2 2  
  Subtotal/: 16      
  Final Assessment       Final test
Total: 16    

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Training is conducted in online format (distance learning) at the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies at the following address: Kremlyovskaya str., 4/5, Kazan, Russia.