“Rosneft”, “Tatneft”, “Rosgeologiya” and “Novatek” corporate employees completed their training at the CCEQM&M of IGPT

“Rosneft”, “Tatneft”, “Rosgeologiya” and “Novatek” corporate employees completed their training at the CCEQM&M of IGPT

The ceremony of delivery of certificate on  advanced training to the employees of leading oil and gas enterprises took place in the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing  at the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies at KFU.

Managers and specialists of’ ‘Rosneft” “Tatneft”, “Rosgeologiya”  and “Novatek” companies have been trained on the programs “Basin Modeling to Assess Oil and Gas Prospects’, “Stratigraphy with Lithology Elements”, “ Oil and Gas Basin Stratigraphy “.

Course participants expressed their satisfaction with the range of learning opportunities:  the type and level of training, as well as the high quality service.

In addition, in the Center for Advanced Education, Quality Management and Marketing, the first full-time session of the professional retraining program “Economics” has been staged, and at the beginning of the current week a two-week full-time session started for the group of 18 employees of  TATNEFT, who are being trained on  the retraining program  in Almetyevsk. During two years of cooperation 79 employees of the company have already mastered the retraining program.

One more advanced training program “Working in ArcGIS for managers and specialists of surveying services of oil and gas companies” has been specifically designed for TATNEFT corporate employees.

Also next week, the programs “Increasing the Economic Efficiency of Mechanized Oil Production” and “Geomechanical Modeling during Drilling and Completion of wells” will start off  which is the sixth project to be implemented under the contract with Cupet in Havana.