CATQM&M expands cooperation with the All-Russian Research Institute for Flow Metering

ВНИИР Ильдус Чукмаров Крымский метрологический центр

CATQM&M expands cooperation with the All-Russian Research Institute for Flow Metering

Employees of the Crimean Metrological Center, headed by the general director Evgeny Eremenko,  upgraded their skills  on the program “Testing and calibration of reservoirs, tankers and pipelines” in the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of Kazan Federal University. During the distance learning, the company employees got acquainted with the current state of the regulatory, information and metrological base in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurements, as well as with the peculiarities of metrological support of stationary and transport measures of capacity. The participants examined in detail the features of calibration testing of vertical steel cylindrical tanks in accordance with GOST 8.570-2000, as well as horizontal ones in accordance with GOST 8.346-2000, check testing of tankers, calibration of technological pipelines, as well as calibration testing Software.

The program was created jointly with the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Flow Metering (the branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Metrology “) which is the leading organization in the Russian Federation in the field of metrological assurance for oil and oil products.  KFU and VNIIR fruitfully cooperate in the field of advanced training of managers and specialists of the leading oil and gas companies.

Every year, the specialists of the metrological service improve their qualifications in the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing. We are jointly creating new programs and discussing virtual reality simulators for the implementation of new courses  together with a group of ITIS specialists, ” said Ildus Chukmarov, Director of the Center.

Ildus Chukmarov had a meeting with Alexander Yankovsky, the head of the department of FSUE”VNIIM named after D. I. Mendeleyev », Rustem Nurmukhametov, the head of the research department of VNIIR and Joseph Fishman, during which they discussed mutually beneficial  promising  projects.

Joseph Izrailovich spoke about new opportunities that are opening up in connection with the merger of FSUE ‘VNIIR” and FSUE “VNIIM named after D. I. Mendeleev” in the direction of metrological support of measurements in geodesy and geophysics, as well as educational programs.

University scientists and the specialists had negotiations on the possibility of using the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies well bore for metrological and  geophysical research, we also discussed measuring instruments in seismic exploration and plans for joint academic activities,” Ildus Adgamovich added.

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