Top managers of “LUKOIL-Engineering” visited Kazan Federal University


Top managers of “LUKOIL-Engineering” visited Kazan Federal University

A delegation of 27 LUKOIL-Engineering managers headed by the General Director Vadim Voevodkin visited Kazan Federal University. They got acquainted with the developments of scientists in the field of oil production, oil refining and petrochemistry.

LUKOIL-Engineering is the management center of all innovation activities of LUKOIL company. The main task of the enterprise is to provide engineering support for oil and gas production in the implementation of new and improved technologies in exploration, development and enhancement of oil recovery, as well as the expert  examination of design and technological solutions.

The guests visited the Museum of history of Kazan University and got acquainted with the laboratories of the Chemical Institute and developments of “Ekoneft” research center, as well as with the capabilities of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing  of  the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies.

“We are developing a strategic partnership with universities, both in Russia and abroad. Today we have 8 such partnerships.   Kazan Federal University is one of our partners.  We consider education and advanced training, cooperation in science and  use of the laboratory facilities of the university to be  main areas  of interaction with Kazan Federal University ‘, said Vadim Voevodkin, General Director of LUKOIL-Engineering

Danis Nurgaliyev, the Vice-rector for Research and Director of IGPT told about  modern capabilities of Kazan Federal University and the potential areas for joint work during the round table that was held at IGNGT following the delegation’s visit.

We cooperate with the LUKOIL-Engineering research and development complex both in research and education areas. I would like to draw your attention to the training of specialists of the highest category – graduate students. This system works very well with us, today about 100 graduate students who are involved in specific projects of the companies study at the Institute of Geology and PetroleumTechnologies and use the laboratory facilities of Kazan Federal University”, said Danis Karlovich.

The managers of the LUKOIL-Engineering Society  showed a keen interest in  the facilities of the university, its history, promising projects in the area of oil production, oil refining and petrochemicals, as well as  further education and advanced training programs.

Firstly, we were really impressed by the history of Kazan University presented in the History museum.  Secondly, we were struck by the modern laboratories of the University. We know that today Tatneft is actively developing bitumen deposits in Tatarstan and   we find  high viscosity oils recovery techniques of to be  a promising researh area. We were also interested in the presentation of continuing education programs. And this may be another area of ​​cooperation, ” said Nadezhda Lyadova, Deputy General Director of LUKOIL-Engineering, Director of PermNIPIneft Branch.

Much attention was paid to the issues of personnel development, namely the capabilities of the center for additional education, quality management and marketing. The Director of the Center Ildu Chukmarov told about modern approaches to training and innovative solutions to meet the needs of  the customers.