Vice-Rector for Research Danis Nurgaliev visited Paris Institute of Earth Physics

Vice-Rector for Research Danis Nurgaliev visited Paris Institute of Earth Physics

He discussed prospective cooperation in paleoclimatology, geomagnetism, and ionosphere studies.

Paris Institute of Earth Physics is one of the largest scientific institutions in France and a part of COMUE (group of universities and institutions) of Sorbonne. PIEP comprises 14 research units, 6 observatories, and 3 campuses.

Dr. Nurgaliev commented, “We spoke in detail about a joint project in lake sediments, a topic of research at KFU. I also partook as an opponent in PhD thesis presentation and learned how that is arranged in France. It’s a useful experience because Kazan University is working on opening its in-house dissertation councils, including those for PhD dissertations.”

Paleomagnetism researcher Yves Gallet accompanied the Vice-Rector around the labs and elaborated on their current undertakings. The Institute’s employees, in turn, took interest in KFU’s work in magnetic properties of oil reservoirs and proposed a trilateral project with French Petroleum Institute, KFU’s longtime partner in a double diploma program.

Another project which attracted attention was satellite research of magnetic fields. “Currently, KFU has a methodology of calculating magnetic field sources. This technology is of huge interest to the Paris Institute of Earth Physics. Such collaboration will be very beneficial for Kazan University because we will have access to new magnetic field measurements from satellites,” emphasized Dr. Nurgaliev.

In 2019, PIEP plans to dispatch a delegation to Kazan for agreement signing.