A delegation of Arab University of Science and Technology and Al-Ba’ath University visited KFU

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A delegation of Arab University of Science and Technology and Al-Ba’ath University visited KFU

The Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University hosted  representatives of universities of  the Syrian Arab Republic: Arab University of Science and Technology and Al-Baath University. The delegation was headed by  Mohammed Yahya Muala, the President of AUST.

Al-Ba’ath University was represented by Professor Abdul Razzak Al-Sufi. In 1992, after   completing postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Geology of Kazan State University he passed Ph.D. defense , working as a researcher in the physics of minerals  with Vladimir Mikhailovich Vinokurov ,  professor of the Department of Mineralogy and Petrography of Kazan Federal University, a doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, Honored Scientist of TASSR and the Russian Federation.

“I have visited Kazan University  more than ten times after finishing research degree and  I consider  KFU to be  my home ground. I am  really  interested in  developing cooperation between our universities, ”said Professor Abdul Razzak Al-Sufi.

“The fact is that eight years ago, Kazan Federal University, Al-Baath University and  Arab University of Science and Technology signed a Cooperation Agreement and managed to conduct a number of joint studies,  but the work was interrupted due to the  military situation in Syria. Today, Syrian colleagues expressed their desire to resume research  works  under  the  terms of  Cooperation Agreement.

Anton Kolchugin, Deputy Director for Research and Development, demonstrated the unique laboratories of the Institute of  Geology and Petroleum Technologies, which have changed significantly in recent years. Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director for Marketing of the IGPTof  Kazan Federal University and Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing  spoke about the capabilities of the Center and ongoing programs. He suggested that the guests start working jointly on the  training of Syrian colleagues in KFU laboratories: “We suggest that you take concrete steps for long-term cooperation on  provision of advanced training programs. Today, our institute has a large number of unique laboratories in which leading scientists are working. This research base is at your disposal to arrive in Kazan to work  with your  own samples, thereby increasing your competencies. ”

The President of AUST Mohammed YahyaMualla  expressed his gratitude  for hospitality and noted that, currently, cooperation in educational activities remains one of the top- priorities .