196 oil and gas industry specialists have been trained at KFU in the last month

Ильдус Чукмаров

196 oil and gas industry specialists have been trained at KFU in the last month

The introduction of new technologies, the search for alternative methods for the development and production of hydrocarbons, as well as the digital transformation of the oil and gas industry, require adaptation to growing challenges, as a result, driving a need for more knowledge. The need for staff development and training are the topics being raised at conferences, round tables and meetings of different levels.

The relevance of continuing professional education is growing every day. Professional standards are becoming indispensable for all the specialists engaged in the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex. In such circumstances, we observe a keen competition among educational institutions in this sphere to be growing. Large corporations create and develop their own training centers and  build up corporate universities, and such monsters as Amazon or Blackboard are generating  electronic educational resources, ”said    Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director for Marketing of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University and Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing

The Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University, like no other, is becoming popular with the companies that regularly choose KFU for  their employees to improve their skills and knowledge.

The Center faces the challenges of constant development in a modern competitive environment. The uniqueness of CATQM&M can be explained by its flexibility and individual approach. We offer different modes of study: face-to-face, part-time, distance (including individual trajectories) and on-site training programs, we introduce webinars and online round tables, as well as attract uniquely qualified experts from around the world.  Creation of auto-generation system by the Center allows to provide different individual distance learning projects,”added Ildus Adgamovich.

October of 2019  proved to be a record month for CATQM&M. 196 managers and specialists of oil and gas enterprises from 21 companies, including Cuba, Kazakhstan and Belarus, have been trained  in just four weeks.

A number of special site projects have been implemented.  In Varadero, the oil province of Cuba, a group of 20 managers and specialists of the state oil company of Cuba  completed their training on the  program “Modern Methods for well servicing and workover”, this being the eighth group participating in the programs of the CCATQMM of IGPT.

A group of 47 employees of TNG-Group had been provided on-site training upon the program «Advanced training of managers and executors of blasting operations during seismic surveys and VM warehouse managers” held in Bugulma. Also, in Almetyevsk, special programs were provided for Tatneft groups of 23 and 15 employees on the programs “Geological hydrodynamic modeling and new advanced technologies” and  “Actual issues of the organization and conduct of geodetic, surveying, land survey works and the creation of a modern geodetic infrastructure of oil and gas fields”.

It has become a usual practice  with the Center to provide training for large groups of specialists jointly with the partners  So, in October, together with the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Flow Metering, for the fourth time, 17 managers and specialists of Gazprom Neft were trained on the programs “Metrological provision of  crude oil custody transfer metering system” and “Metrological provision  of quantity measurements of oil products in oil refining and oil products supply enterprises. ”

Another special project was the training of eight employees of the Irkutsk Oil Company on  the program “Modern techniques and technologies to maintain formation pressure and reduce water cut of the  products produced “.

At present, some companies have already concluded contracts for the coming two years.. In addition, it is planned to extend the contract on providing advanced training services for Cupet specialists  with the Cuban Tecnomatica company.

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