KFU remotely improves the skills of Russian oil workers in the period of self-isolation

KFU remotely improves the skills of Russian oil workers in the period of self-isolation

The leaders and specialists of the oil and gas industry in Russia began distance learning under four educational programs as part of continuing education at the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing.

The center has extensive experience in the field of distance education, and all thanks to a good team, established infrastructure and a wide range of online programs. Earlier, the Center regularly conducted face-to-face courses, webinars commissioned by industrial companies, produced new online products, and today, in conditions of self-isolation, for the first time the traditional opening of four programs took place in the form of video conferencing.

Ildus Chukmarov, the director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing, welcomed each student, introduced them to the training format, timetable, lecturers and spoke about the history of Kazan Federal University, the achievements of the modern period and invited students to attend the university in person at the end of the isolation regime.

27 employees of structural divisions of Rosneft PJSC and Zarubezhneft JSC for five days will be trained under the programs: Lithological-facies analysis of oil and gas bearing strata, Processing and interpretation of electric and acoustic scanning of wells, Application of global navigation satellite systems (GLONASS / GPS) in geodesy, cartography and navigation ”and“ Extraction of super-viscous oils ”.

“In such difficult periods for the industry, our largest partners and customers in one person – Rosneft, Tatneft and Zarubezhneft continue to develop their staff and invest in their knowledge and their future. It is gratifying that our joint educational and research projects are ongoing, which means that we and the country’s fuel and energy complex continue to work, despite the difficulties”, – said Ildus Chukmarov, director of the Center.

The leading teachers of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies, the Institute of Physics, as well as experts from partner companies – Tatneft PJSC, TNG Group LLC, Director of Oil XXI Century LLC and Director of Eridan LLC will traditionally take part in the implementation of the programs. Listeners are waiting for webinars, special electronic educational resources on the Moodle site, entrance, intermediate and final testing. As well as the mandatory questionnaire of students’ satisfaction with the courses.

A period of self-isolation can be a good time for the development of personnel and personal competencies. That is why, following the largest educational sites, the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing has opened its distance learning modules on an individual learning path for all for free. Those who want to receive the appropriate document will be able to pay for training when they have the opportunity, but you can get new knowledge right now. Also, free video lessons on the youtube channel of the Center contain unique video lessons from teachers of KFU and its partners. In addition, the Center has developed new completely distant professional retraining programs and launched a special campaign.

“We understand that many now do not have the opportunity to pay the full cost of training, as well as to come to KFU for face-to-face sessions, so we launched an action for the entire period of self-isolation – training in professional retraining programs with a KFU diploma completely remotely with a 50% discount! This has not happened in the entire history of our Center! ”,  – added Ildus Adgamovich.

It is worth noting that at the moment, more than 200 people have already taken advantage of the offer and are studying at the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing absolutely free, or at the maximum discount. And the youtube channel crossed the threshold of 1300 subscribers and 64400 views.