KFU and CUPET on the way to new projects

Амилкар Фиерро Руис де Угаррио

KFU and CUPET on the way to new projects

The delegation of the Cuban oil Research center CEINPET headed by the General Director Amilcar Fierro Ruis de Ugarrio  arrived at  Kazan Federal University. CEINPET is a research center of the CUPET, a Cuban state oil company. The close cooperation between the IGPT of KFU and the state oil and gas company of Cuba, having  began several years ago, is rapidly developing. This time the guests arrived with the aim of establishing relations in the research sphere.

During the meeting with  DanisNurgaliyev, the Vice-rector for Research and Director of IGPT, the issues of research projects on  solving  a number of problems of the oil industry of the Republic of Cuba were discussed. Danis Karlovich also noted that in November this year, KFU jointly with Zarubezhneft will perform field tests of catalysts used in cyclic steam injection, at the Boca de Haruko field.

The partnership between Kazan University and CUPET began with  providing of advanced training courses for Cupet specialists in the field of geological and hydrodynamic models of oil deposits by  the  Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of IGPT of KFU. Later, in 2016, a group of specialists of the company was admitted  to two-year  master’s program on oil and gas business, on completion of which they were awarded  Diplomas of KFU. As early as in 2018 the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of IGPT concluded the major contract on provision of advanced training  services of  200 managers and specialists of a foreign enterprise upon  ten different programs (140 of them have already been trained).

Amilcar FierroRuis de Ugarrio, General director of Cupet noted that it’s  his second visit of  Kazan Federal University and expressed his hope for the further productive and mutually beneficial cooperation between Kazan University and Cupet in  education and research.

Mikhail Varfolomeyev, the head of the Department of Development and Operation of Hard-to-Recover Hydrocarbon Reservoir of the IGPT and  the supervisor of “Ekoneft” research area offered the Cuban colleagues to consider the possibility of in-situ combustion and other thermal methods developed  in KFU, including the use of binary mixtures, which will reduce the viscosity of the oil at reservoir conditions .

Exploration  techniques of deposits on the shelf have also been  of great interest to Cuban colleagues. This is a separate area  where the  scientists of IGPT are involved in.  Danis Karlovich Nurgaliyev is actively working in the field of development and promotion of new technologies in  prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits.

The guests got acquainted with KFU laboratories and took  part in the meeting with ” NK “Rosneft”, “TNG-Group” and “Bashneftegeofizika”  KFU partners.