The IGPT KFU was visited by the leadership of the BSU

The IGPT KFU was visited by the leadership of the BSU

On December 9, within the framework of a working visit to the Republic of Tatarstan, a delegation of the Belarusian State University visited the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of the Kazan Federal University. The delegation included Rector of BSU Andrei Korol, Head of the Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Kazan Viktor Shchetko, Vice-Rector for Economics and Material and Technical Development of BSU Mikhail Cherepennikov, Head of the Main Department of Educational Activities of BSU Natalya Morozova and Head of International Relations Department of BSU Alexander Zhuk. The guests were accompanied by the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation of the Kazan Federal University Timirkhan Alishev.

At the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies, they were met by Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director of IGPT for Marketing, Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing (CdoGEO).

The purpose of the delegation visit was to get acquainted with Kazan Federal University and discuss cooperation possibilities.

“We came to get acquainted with our potential partner — Kazan Federal University, because we have similarities in many areas, for example, in the structure of the university and in training,” says Andrey Korol. “Speaking about interaction with IGPT, I can note that BSU houses the Faculty of Geography and Geoinformatics, as well as the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, where there are a number of specialties in the geophysical area, perhaps we can find common points of contact.”

Acquaintance with IGPT KFU began with the 3D GEO Center equipped with softwares from world leaders, where students learn to interpret geological and geophysical data and build geological and reservoir simulation models. Then they visited the Incubator of Distance Education Projects, where video lectures are filmed and edited for the CdoGEO YouTube channel and also for Digital Educational Resources that allow teaching students and course listeners in a distance format.

An important part of IGPT is its laboratories carrying out a world-class research. The delegation visited the laboratory of X-ray computed tomography, the laboratory of petrophysical methods for studying geomaterials and the laboratory of isotope geochemistry and stratigraphy.

After the excursion, the discussion of cooperation plans continued at a round table, where the guests were met by the Vice-Rector for Petroleum Technologies, Environmental Management and Geosciences, Director of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of the Kazan Federal University Danis Nurgaliev. He spoke about our cooperation with the Republic of Belarus, for example, KFU scientists conducted research on Lake Naroch, which is a national treasure of the country.

During the meeting, the conversation also touched upon Danis Nurgaliev’s scientific trip to Antarctica. He spoke about scientific research and the results of the meteor expedition, touching upon the topics of biology, geology and geophysics.

Speaking about cooperation, Danis Nurgaliev covered the promising areas in which the IGPT scientists are engaged — this is the transition to «green» energy.

“We discussed possible areas of cooperation, for example, in the field of carbon sequestration,” says Danis Nurgaliev. “The fact is that a huge area of ​​Belarus is waterlogged, which is a promising target for carbon sequestration in the future.”

“During the demonstration of the Incubator of Distance Education Projects, the rector of BSU, Andrei Dmitrievich, spoke about the project of the interuniversity portal  “Methodology, content, practice of creative education”. We offered to cooperate in the development and implementation of programs of additional professional education in the interests of students and teachers of our universities «,

It should be noted that earlier CdoGEO implemented four advanced training programs for 22 attendees from RUE Production Association Belorusneft.