KFU meets participants of the “Actual Issues of Geodesy and Geographic Information Systems” Conference

KFU meets participants of the “Actual Issues of Geodesy and Geographic Information Systems” Conference

Today, the second day of the VIII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual Issues of Geodesy and Geoinformation Systems” is held in Kazan Federal University. The conference, which was opened yesterday at the Tatarstan Petrochemical Forum, is dedicated to the 225th anniversary of the birth of I.M.Simonov. The first day plenary session was opened by Danis Nurgaliev, Vice-Rector for Research at Kazan Federal University, Director of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies. The conference is attended by representatives of oil and gas companies, manufacturers of equipment and software, representatives of ministries and government departments, universities and industry unions.

The head of the Department of Astronomy and Space Geodesy of the Institute of Physics, Ilfan Bikmaev, during his lecture at the Museum of History of KFU, told the guests and participants about the Kazan astronomy school, the discoverer of the southern polar continent of Antarctica, rector of Kazan Imperial University Ivan Simonov, as well as about modern developments of astrophysicists and their participation in space projects.

“The conference is being held for the eighth time as part of the Tatarstan Petrochemical Forum, which indicates that issues of cartography, geodesy and geographic information systems are very important for the leading industry players of Tatarstan. Today, within the framework of the National Program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” this topic has become even more relevant. The history of the KFU astronomical school is very rich, and today KFU holds a world-class geodetic station that is part of international networks. Now we are on the way to the development of 3D modeling,”said Renat Zagretdinov, Associate Professor of the Department of Astronomy and Space Geodesy.

The Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies, the Department of Astronomy and Space Geodesy of the Institute of Physics of Kazan Federal University together with the State Unitary Enterprise “Center for Information Technologies of the Republic of Tatarstan” are among the organizers of the conference from the day it was founded, involving specialists from various fields in solving the problems of surveying, geodesy, cadastre, surveys and urban planning.

“Tatneft Company annually takes part in this conference, both at the sites of the Tatarstan Petrochemical Forum and Kazan Federal University. I would like to thank Danis Karlovich, Renat Vagizovich and Ildus Adgamovich for the graduates looking for employment at our organizations. Secondly, for organizing a regular advanced training programs in the field of surveying, GIS technology, satellite systems and modern digital technologies for our employees. And most importantly — for the possibility of solving production problems in our collaboration. For three consecutive years, Tatneft company received a Grand Prix in the framework of the forum, this year we took the 1st place and received an award from the hands of President Rustam Minnikhanov for implementing a project to measure the actual values of the Earth’s magnetic declination in order to increase the efficiency of well drilling, which we carry out together with partners from KFU, therefore it is not only our merit. We want to further develop our good relations with Kazan Federal University,” said Rustam Sakhautdinov, Chief Surveyor of Tatneft.

Deputy Director of IGPT, Director of Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing, Ildus Chukmarov spoke in detail about advanced training programs, conferences and seminars in the field of surveying, cartography, surveying and cadastre. He also shared his history of cooperation with major oil and gas companies in this field and thanked the representatives of PJSC Tatneft for fruitful cooperation.

“Over the past two years alone, 97 employees of the company have studied at our Center under the “Mine Surveying” retraining program. In addition, we have created and implemented a special training program “Use of ArcGIS for Managers and Specialists of Surveying Services of Oil and Gas Production Enterprises”. And in July, for the first time, the main surveyors of leading E&P enterprises gathered at KFU: Rosneft PJSC, Tatneft PJSC, Gazprom Neft PJSC, as well as research centers and universities to discuss topical issues of design, creation and operation of geodynamic test sites at oil and gas fields, as well as innovations in the field of surveying processes supporting oil and gas production,” said Ildus Adgamovich.

Within the framework of the VIII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual Issues of Geodesy and Geoinformation Systems”, Trimble’s representative Mikhail Karavanov introduced the participants to modern instruments and talked about new products. In 2013, during the third specialized exhibition “GEO-KAZAN: Geological exploration. Geodesy. Cartography” a cooperation agreement was signed between KFU and Trimble, in which the company provides the university with discounts on the purchase of equipment donating a part of the new technologies and software to the university.

In addition, participants visited the suburban Astronomical Observatory named after V.P. Engelhardt, where a demonstration of geodetic equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles took place.