Advanced training at KFU starts a new full-time academic year 2020-2021

Advanced training at KFU starts a new full-time academic year 2020-2021

Employees of the Federal Agency for State Reserves (Rosrezerv) from various regions of the Russian Federation began training on August 17, 2020 at the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of the Kazan Federal University.

During the week the course attendees will improve their qualifications according to the program: “Metrological support for measuring the quantity and determining the quality of petroleum products in various types of measuring instruments, incl. trench tanks according to certified measurement techniques in long-term storage conditions” in the amount of 40 academic hours.

The program is being implemented jointly with the  All-Russian Research Institute of Flow Metering, a branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “All-Russian Research Institute of Metrology named after D.I. Mendeleev” and the State Scientific Metrological Center.

The program is headed by Iosif Izrailovich Fishman, Head of the Department of Metrology, IGPT.

The purpose of the training: acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of metrological support of measurements of quality parameters and quantity of oil products in conditions of long-term storage.

For training, the Center has created all the necessary safety conditions , taking into account the current situation. The temperature is measured twice a day, masks, gloves, antiseptics are provided, seating is carried out with a safe distance, quartzing and cleaning of classrooms are carried out.

The implementation of distance retraining and advanced training courses by our Center is carried out 24/7/365.

Before the start of the new academic year, we have formed a special offer for students of all universities, colleges and technical schools.

Dear students, please visit our website and increase your competitiveness in parallel with basic education on very favorable terms.

Information: Chukmarov Ildus Adgamovich, Director of CATQMM