CdoGEO KFU returns to Kazakhstan

CdoGEO KFU returns to Kazakhstan

On July 19, the full-time «Geological Modeling» advanced training program started at the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing (CdoGEO) of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of the Kazan Federal University. The program listener is an employee of the non-profit joint-stock company “Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev” Zhibek Akasheva.

It is noteworthy that at CdoGEO, she was led to the advanced training course by research work, which she conducts together with the assistant professor of the Department of Regional Geology and Mineral Resources of IGPT KFU Rail Kadyrov.

“The title of my dissertation is “Investigation of the structure of a porous medium in a two-phase fluid flow based on pore-scale modeling,” says Zhibek Akasheva. — Our team of specialists found out that IGPT KFU is carrying out experiments that we need to use in our work. Having contacted Rail Kadyrov, we asked about the possibility of an internship at the Institute, after which we learned about advanced training programs.”

“We have combined an internship with a refresher course,” explains Rail Kadyrov. — We plan to conduct research in the field of tomography in the laboratories of IGPT, conduct experiments on acid treatment in order to study how the structure of the pore space changes as a result of acid treatment. This treatment is used in wells to increase oil recovery for treatment of the bottomhole zone: the acid dissolves carbonates, which leads to an increase in porosity and an increase in oil inflow. The team of specialists from the Kazakh University wants to simulate this process at the micro level on a pore scale”.

In the course of training under the advanced training program, Zhibek Akasheva will acquire theoretical knowledge in the field of geological modeling, analysis of initial data and modeling results, as well as practical skills in geological modeling and building structural models. Classes are conducted by Boris Platov, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Hard-To-Recover Hydrocarbons Development and Operation.

“CdoGEO of IGPT KFU and Kazakhstan maintains friendly relations for many years,” says Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director for Marketing, Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing (CdoGEO). Since 2018, we have trained more than 140 specialists of Professional Geo Solutions Kazakhstan LLP, Buzachi Operating Ltd, Maten Petroleum JSC under the following programs: “Modern Methods of conducting Well Workover and Well Servicing Operations” (field training), “Geophysics: Well logging». This year we are returning to Kazakhstan with the Geological Modeling program and will look forward to new listeners!”

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