Delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan paid a working visit to IGPT

Delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan paid a working visit to IGPT

On June 8, representatives of the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Jizzakh region visited the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University, including Deputy Minister of Health of Uzbekistan Amrillo Inoyatov, Deputy Khokim of Jizzakh Region Azim Akhmedkhadzhaev and others.

The reason for the working visit was the establishment of a KFU branch in the city of Jizzak. The day before, a quadripartite agreement was signed between the university, the khokimiyat of the Jizzakh region of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan on preparation for the creation of a branch of Kazan University in the city of Jizzak and the establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation in educational activities.

At IGPT, the guests were welcomed by Danis NurgalievVice-Rector for Research of the Kazan Federal University, Director of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies. Danis Nurgaliev invited the guests to visit the 3D GEO Center, where he discussed scientific and educational activities of IGPT.

49 students of which 39 bachelors, 9 undergraduates and 1 graduate student study at our institute from Uzbekistan. In total, 355 foreigners study at IGPT.

Speaking about the international component of the university, Danis Nurgaliev mentioned the “Petroleum Engineering” double degree program thanks to which master’s degree students have the opportunity to study a year in Russia and a year abroad.

The vice-rector for Research of Kazan Federal University paid special attention to the academic unit «ECOOIL», which is a partner of the largest oil and gas companies in Russia — from oil production to petrochemistry.

“KFU is a leader in Russia and Europe in the field of Crude Oil and Fuel Technology research in terms of the number and level of scientific developments and publications. We are actively introducing developments from related scientific fields in the oil and gas industry (catalysts and new materials, neural networks and machine learning, new methods of analysis and new devices, reagents for environmental protection),” said Danis Nurgaliev.

In 2020, Kazan Federal University became a world-class scientific center in the priority area of «Rational development of the planet’s liquid hydrocarbon reserves.” Danis Nurgaliev told the guests that the purpose of this project is to conduct fundamental, exploratory and applied research in the field of geology, geochemistry and development of oil deposits using modern physicochemical methods to create environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and economical technologies for search, exploration, development and processing of liquid hydrocarbons. The result of the first direction should be the creation of effective technologies for prospecting of large oil and gas fields in unexplored territories.

The Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing (CdoGEO), which is a part of IGPT KFU plays an important role in the training of oil and gas specialists and celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Every year, a thousand students undergo here professional retraining and advanced training. CdoGEO implements more than 120 courses, 15 of which are international. The Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing is an exporter of educational programs. This year alone, trainees from Latvia, Vietnam and China have been trained at the Center.

After the presentation of the capabilities of IGPT and CdoGEO, the guests were shown the laboratories of the Institute, where scientific research is carried out and new methods are developed in the field of geology and petroleum engineering. In the laboratory of isotope and elemental analysis, the employees are engaged in scientific activities in the field of isotopic geochemistry, in particular the geochemistry of oil and gas, chemostratigraphy and isotope geochronology.

In the laboratory of X-ray computed tomography, the guests were shown a nanofocus research X-ray system for computed tomography. In the laboratory, scientists perform pore-scale modeling, industrial defectoscopy, and study the structures of porosity and fracturing.

The next item on the agenda of the meeting was an excursion to the The Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry. Here, the guests were shown laboratories where projects are being carried out to develop highly efficient catalysts for the production of organic monomers, oligomers and polymers.

“In connection with the KFU branch establishment in Jizzak, where among other specialists will be trained geologists and petroleum engineers, the representatives of the government of Uzbekistan and the Jizzakh region decided to get acquainted with our experience in the educational and scientific environment,” says Danis Nurgaliev. — Our colleagues saw how we teach our students, what kind of scientific research we conduct. They were especially interested in our technical equipment, instruments and the latest methods of the tight oil exploration and production.”

Amrillo Inoyatov noted that he was glad to develop cooperation between Uzbekistan and the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies.

“During our trip, we discussed with the university representatives the possibility of opening joint master’s and bachelor’s educational programs in those areas that are poorly developed in our country — geology and medicine. And most importantly, during the visit, an agreement was signed on the KFU branch establishment in the Jizzakh region — this event will give a powerful impetus to the development of the oil and gas cluster of our state.”

It should be mentioned that the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies cooperates with the leading oil companies of Uzbekistan, such as Geo Research and Development Company LLC and Jizzakh Petroleum JV LLC on increasing oil recovery at existing fields of the Republic of Uzbekistan and on applying technologies to increase production efficiency, methods of increasing oil recovery. To this end, in May 2021, a delegation of Kazan Federal University consisting of Danis Nurgaliev, Deputy Director of IGPT for Marketing, Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director for Innovation Vladislav Sudakov, Head of the Department of Hard-To-Recover Hydrocarbons Development and Operation Mikhail Varfolomeev, engineer of the Research Laboratory of Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods Rail Kadyrov visited the Republic of Uzbekistan.