Student of the China University of Petroleum underwent professional retraining in Petroleum Geoscience at CdoGEO KFU

Student of the China University of Petroleum underwent professional retraining in Petroleum Geoscience at CdoGEO KFU

Wang Xiaocheng, a student of China University of Petroleum (Qingdao), has completed his professional retraining program in “Petroleum Geoscience” at CdoGEO.

“We are pleased that our cooperation with the China University of Petroleum (UPC) is expanding ,” says Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director of the IGPT KFU for Marketing, Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing (CdoGEO). The history of friendly relations with China began back in 2015, when CdoGEO, together with Hechuan LLC, implemented an internship for managers and employees of TNG-Group LLC on the basis of COSL and CNPC CPL companies (Beijing and Xi’an). After a while, we signed a memorandum of understanding between KFU and China University of Petroleum (UPC) and agreed to implement additional professional education programs for students and university staff. Last year, we trained students from China in four professional development programs. A new group of Chinese students is expected to arrive in September 2023 for full-time study in the Petroleum Geoscience program.”

“Petroleum Geoscience Program was specially developed for students of the China University of Petroleum,” says Boris Platov, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Development and Operation of Hard-to-Recover Hydrocarbon Fields, IGPT KFU. The 500-hour program includes a large number of disciplines: Well Logging, Seismic Data Interpretation, Geological Modeling, Geostatistics, Stratigraphy, etc.”

For the period of full-time study from October 2022 to July 2023, Wang Xiaocheng stayed in the dormitory of the Universiade Village with all the necessary conditions for students.

I really liked the training, I received the necessary competencies in the field of Petroleum Geology, which I will apply in the future,” says Wang Xiaocheng. “Thanks to the intramural format, I managed to live in Russia for a year. During this time I got acquainted with representatives of different nationalities, their traditions. It was nice that the students treated me well, I even managed to make friends. Certainly, life in Russia is different from life in China.”

According to the results of training (in October), Wang Xiaocheng is going to receive a diploma of professional retraining of the established standard of KFU. At the presentation of the certificate, Ildus Chukmarov presented the student with a tyubeteyka — the national headdress and the chak-chak dessert in the branded packaging of IGPT KFU.