Heads of the national oil and gas company CUPET arrived to CdoGEO KFU from Cuba for full-time training

Heads of the national oil and gas company CUPET arrived to CdoGEO KFU from Cuba for full-time training

On November 18, heads of the oil and gas company CUPET arrived in Kazan from Cuba. From November 21 to 25, the specialists are undergoing advanced training under the  “Investigaciones geólogo-tecnológicas de pozos” program at the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing (CdoGEO) of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University.

On the first day of the visit, the guests were invited to a round table to get acquainted and discuss the program of their stay in Kazan.

The meeting was opened by Vice-Rector for Petroleum Technologies, Environmental Management and Earth Sciences, Director of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University Danis Nurgaliev, who spoke about the history of Kazan Federal University and the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies as well as main achievements.

Deputy director of IGPT for marketing, Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing (CdoGEO) Ildus Chukmarov presented in detail the visiting program.

“We have expanded your five-day course program to include visits to laboratories, museums, meetings with representatives of NPF Packer LLC, which is the leader in the packer and anchor equipment market. You will also get acquainted with representatives of TNG-Group LLC and visit some oil and gas fields,” said Ildus Chukmarov.

Exploration and production director Juan Cristobal Hernandez Reyes outlined the main goals of their visit.

“In addition to training, we want to see what technologies and laboratories you have, as well as what scientific developments you have that will help us solve two main problems: the production of ultra-high-viscosity oil (UHVO) and the loss of associated gas (we need technologies that can capture it and use).

It is noteworthy that the arrival of the Cuban specialists coincided with the celebration of the birthday of Kazan Federal University, which turned 218 years old in 2022!

The leaders of CUPET visited the Museum of the History of Kazan University, after which they attended a festive concert, where Danis Karlovich greeted them from the stage, and the audience supported them with thunderous applause.

At the weekend, the guests also had a rich program: they looked at minerals, precious stones, meteorites, paleontological exhibits in the Geological Museum named after A.A. Shtukenberg and learned how the Kazan city has changed over 1000 years in the City Panorama Museum.

On Monday, the grand opening of the course “Investigaciones geólogo-tecnológicas de pozos” took place in the modern laboratory 3D GEO Center. Ildus Chukmarov presented in detail  the history of friendship between the USSR, Russia and Cuba and the cooperation areas between KFU and CUPET.

“In Soviet times, over 10 years, 250 Cubans were trained at KFU, and during the period of the new history of Russia, from 2015 to 2022, CdoGEO resumed large-scale cooperation between KFU and Cuba, releasing 2 groups of masters from among CUPET specialists majoring in Petroleum Engineering” . In addition, 287 people were trained in 14 programs in Havana. Also, within the framework of the World-Class Scientific Center (WCRC), KFU scientists, together with specialists from Zarubezhneft JSC, develop and supply catalysts to Cuba for the production of extra-viscous oil at the Boca de Jaruco field,” noted Ildus Chukmarov.

In 2022 in addition to the  “Investigaciones geólogo-tecnológicas de pozos” program, CdoGEO implemented two programs within the World-Class Science Center in Havana: “Geomecánica (curso avanzado)” and “Tecnología SAGD para extraer petróleo de alta viscosidad” for CUPET employees and divisions.

Within the framework of the current course, representatives and experts of Bashneftegeofizika LLC, TNG-Group LLC, Mirrico, NPF Packer LLC, VNIIR – a branch of FSUE VNIIM named after Mendeleev”.

The director of CdoGEO emphasized that we are ready to work in all areas: geology, oilfield development, drilling, geodesy, modeling, etc. He also offered to organize a professional retraining course and train CUPET specialists in Kazan for a year. As a result of professional training, a diploma of the established standard of KFU is issued for the course attendees. The training is very intensive, it takes a specialist from production on a short time. During the course, the course attendees update their knowledge and skills in accordance with modern requirements of scientific and technological progress. This allows the introduction of new technologies in production, including the developments of KFU at lower costs.

CdoGEO opened the following advanced training programs:

 “Investigaciones geólogo-tecnológicas de pozos

 “Application of global navigation satellite systems (GLONASS/GPS) in geodesy, mapping and navigation”

“Modern geodetic technologies in surveying and construction”

— “Hydraulic fracture monitoring by microseismic methods

— «Geomechanical modeling while drilling and completion of wells. Practical course using specialized software».

Employees from the following companies have taken the courses: Vykhod LLC, RN-Rostovnefteprodukt JSC, RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, TNG-Group LLC, Surgutneftegaz, Vostok Gazprom JSC.

A total of 32 people are being trained at CdoGEO from November 21 to 25.