Oil workers of Kazakhstan and Russia studied at KFU


Oil workers of Kazakhstan and Russia studied at KFU

The ceremony of delivery of diplomas on advanced training to the employees of leading oil and gas enterprises took place in the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing  of  the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of  KFU. The programs were as follows: «Analysis of development and assessment of the efficiency of geotechnical measures based on geologic- production methods» and » Enhanced Oil Recovery methods «.

A group of 11 managers and specialists of Rosneft , Surgutneftegas, Tatneft , Lukoil  and BuzachiOperatingLtd (Kazakhstan) from Aktau, Ufa, Tyumen, Surgut, Perm and Almetyevsk attended lectures  and practical classes delivered  by the  leading teachers of KFU and  partners of  the CATQM&M.

The participants of the program “Analysis of development and evaluation of the efficiency of geotechnical measures based on geologic-production methods” studied up-to-date requirements for geological models, the main parameters of the model, the most common data formats, peculiarities of loading of field-geologic  information, and also examined in detail  modeling of the geological structure of compound oil deposits.

Representatives of the NestLab company (Skolkovo resident) Mikhail Fokin and Timur Imaev took part in the implementation of the program, who told the audience about the existing problems in the formation of development history data, the latest world trends in the construction of simplified physical models (proxy models). Special attention was paid to the practical part of work in the Nest robotic software package combining machine learning and simplified physical models. The colleagues had already delivered lectures for Tatneft employees as part of the professional retraining program “Improving production efficiency and the tools to reduce costs and increase in oil and gas production within  the conditions of rapid changes in Industry 4.0. The experience of international companies. ”

The Center’s partner also took part in the video lecture recording in the“ Incubator of distance educational projects”.

The participants of the program “ Enhanced Oil Recovery methods”, while working in the laboratories of  Butlerov Chemical Institute and REC  “TRIZ Modeling”, examined in details the properties of rocks, reservoir fluids, displacement basics, the concept of capillar  numbers, miscible and immiscible processes, the physical principles of alkaline, surfactant and polymer flooding, thermal processes, as well as analysis of production decline curves, hydrodynamic modeling etc.   KFU scientists told the industry experts about their developments and showed unique installations.

The course participants highly appreciated the type and level of training, as well as the high quality service.

In addition, in Almetyevsk, at the premises of Tatneft company, the final exams on “Mine Surveying” program for the company’s specialists were held. The chairman of the examination board was  Rustam Sakhautdinov, General  Surveyor of the company. In total, 97 experts of the mine surveying service of TATNEFT were trained upon this program in the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of  IGPT of KFU.