KFU hosted a round table with the participation of the Cuban state oil company

Чукмаров Ильдус Адгамович
Миррико КФУ

KFU hosted a round table with the participation of the Cuban state oil company

A round table  with the participation of Cuban oil Research center CEINPET (a division of the state oil company CUPET in Cuba) and the leading  oil and gas companies of Russia  «NK «Rosneft», «TNG-group»,  «Bashneftegeofizika» and GK MIRRICO was held at the Institute of Geology and Petroleum technologies of Kazan Federal University.

Cuba’s main reserves are heavy, hard-to-recover oil, of which there is a lot in the Republic of Tatarstan. Kazan Federal University has been helping Cuban colleagues to increase the production through joint educational projects for several years, that is, training of CUPET employees on a special master’s degree program and professional development in various areas. Discussion of the issues of cooperation in  research activities has appeared to be a new stage of the assistance. The Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of IGPT of KFU organized a round table during which Russian companies of the industry presented their developments that might assist Cuban colleagues to produce more oil with less cost.

«The main task that we set ourselves, while improving the skills of CUPET employees, is to ensure the energy independence of friendly Cuba.  KFU has already  successfully implemented  a large number of  projects jointly with partner companies.»–said   Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director for Marketing of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University and Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing.

Two research centers of «NK «Rosneft «(«SamaraNIPIneft» and «RN-BashNIPIneft»), the Basic University of which is KFU, presented their developments in enhanced oil recovery in viscous oil fields.

«Our Institute specializes in thermal methods and physico-chemical methods of enhanced oil recovery, currently we have  a proposal for research works on the application of binary mixtures in the Varadero and Santa Cruz fields. I would like to thank the University for the invitation and the given opportunity, «said Konstantin Pchela, Head of the Field Development Department of SamaraNIPInef

The largest Russian oilfield service companies told about a wide range of services including seismic exploration, processing and interpretation of seismic data, non-seismic methods and logging.

«TNG-Group performs all types of logging that has been used  in the world, including  technologies for logging in horizontal wells. We are ready to  share our experience on  the territory of Cuba and hope for making  long-term projects, » said Denis Kisler, Deputy General Director on  Marketing of TNG-Group

A full range of chemical methods of extraction of hard – to-recover hydrocarbons was presented by GK «MIRRICO», the partner of CATQMM. In November  this year the company will take part in providing of the training program «Drilling fluids» in Varadero, a large field right near  the resort area.

The guests expressed gratitude to the leadership of Kazan Federal University for organizing the visit and the round table and commented on the unique  facilities and resources of KFU in the field of oil production, refining and petrochemistry.

«We would like to continue cooperation with the University and expect KFU scientists to pay a  return visit,» said Amilcar Fierro Ruis de Ugarrio, General Director of CEINPET.

 As a result of the meeting, Memorandum on KFU and CEINPET  mutual understanding was signed. The participants also negotiated feasible project alternatives and making a road map of interaction.  A specific step towards the  joint research works  is to be a special project that deals with the training of  the Cuban oil Research center employees in the laboratories of KFU.  At the moment, preparations are underway for the visit of KFU scientists to Cuba.