IGPT KFU expands cooperation with TNG-Group LLC

IGPT KFU expands cooperation with TNG-Group LLC

On October 19, the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University was visited by a delegation of TNG-Group LLC headed by the General Director of the company Yan Sharipov. The delegation also included Director of TNG-Kazangeofizika LLC Ramis Gizzatullin, Head of HR Department Anna Chentsova and Chief Geophysicist of TNG-Kazangeofizika LLC Denis Andreev.

At IGPT KFU, the guests were met by Vice-Rector for Petroleum Technologies, Environmental Management and Earth Sciences, Director of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University Danis Nurgaliev, as well as Deputy Director for Marketing, Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing (CdoGEO) Ildus Chukmarov and Andrey Terekhin, Deputy Director for Practices and Interaction with Employers, IGPT KFU.

LLC TNG-Group is one of the leading Russian oilfield service companies with more than sixty years of history. The company has integrated in its structure a complex of field, geological exploration, research and production divisions operating in almost all oil and gas producing regions of Russia, as well as in countries of far and near abroad. LLC “TNG-Group” provides a full range of services for geophysical support for the construction of exploration, prospecting and production wells, casing perforation, 2D, 3D, 3D-3C seismic exploration, electrical, gravity, magnetic exploration, aerospace decoding, geochemical studies, processing of geological and geophysical information. The company provides solutions in the field of vertical seismic profiling and information technology support. TNG-Group LLC cooperates with foreign oil and gas companies such as Uzbekneftegaz (Uzbekistan), Total (France), Eni (Italy).

The main purpose of the delegation visit was to present IGPT students with career opportunities at TNG-Group LLC. According to Andrey Terekhin, the company employs about 20 graduates of IGPT KFU annually.

Upon arrival, the guests met with the leadership of the institute and discussed further prospects for cooperation. One of the cooperation areas according to Ildus Chukmarov may be the implementation of a new educational project for personnel development and staffing.

After discussing plans for cooperation, the guests were shown the 3D GEO Center, where students learn to build geological and reservoir simulation models, as well as the Distance Educational Projects Incubator. Here, educational video lectures are recorded for the CdoGEO YouTube channel, which are also used for students of additional vocational education at the site of Digital Educational Resources. In the Incubator, Ildus Chukmarov reminded that CdoGEO cooperates with leading experts of TNG-Group LLC. So, earlier a lecture was recorded with the participation of Maxim Mikheev, head of the NTU implementation department of TNG-Group LLC. 

“With the Kazan Federal University, in particular with IGPT, we are bound by many years of cooperation and strong friendship,” says Yan Galimovich. “We are always happy to invite your graduates into the team of TNG-Group LLC, and most of our leading specialists, professionals in their field are IGPT graduates. Today, KFU students have the opportunity to find a job in any oil and gas company, which is why we hold meetings with them every year to convey information about the company, talk about the career opportunities and company’s goals. I am confident that our cooperation in this area will develop!”

The meeting with the management and representatives of TNG-Group LLC gathered IGPT students of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of study. The event was opened by Danis Nurgaliev.

“It’s great that such a large oil service company, which is almost native to KFU, is dynamically developing in Tatarstan,” says Danis Nurgaliev. We can say that TNG-Group LLC is a continuation of the Kazan Federal University. It is in this company that the majority of KFU graduates received their first work experience.”

The meeting with the students took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Yan Sharipov and his colleagues talked about the career opportunities, social guarantees for the employees of TNG-Group LLC, and most importantly about what results the TNG-Group team is moving towards. Students listened carefully to the speakers and asked questions. Many of students were interested in how the job interview proceeds, what additional payments are there when working in the Northern Russia, whether women are hired to work in the fields. Yan Sharipov answered all questions in detail and presented gifts to active students.

“IGPT cooperates with TNG-Group LLC in all areas: scientific, industrial, educational,” says Ildus Chukmarov. – Thus, the Project 218 was jointly implemented, which is connected with a complex of geological and geophysical methods for predicting geomechanical parameters and the stress state of carbonate layers. Together with TNG-Kazangeofizika LLC, we are performing surveys for our common customers – PJSC NAVATEK, PJSC Gazprom Neft, etc. Every year, the company’s employees undergo advanced training and professional retraining at CdoGEO. Since 2016, we have trained 363 people. It is gratifying that many of our graduates work at TNG-Group LLC and hold managerial positions. For example, the previous general director of the company, Rinat Kharisov, and the current head of the company, Yan Sharipov, who underwent professional retraining under the Geophysics program at CdoGEO IGPT. We are always glad to see employees of TNG-Group LLC and we look forward to see them again!”