Master student of IGPT KFU won a grant from the President of Russia

Master student of IGPT KFU won a grant from the President of Russia

20 students of Kazan Federal University became the owners of grants from the President of Russia, among them is Albert Korolev, a 1st-year master student at the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of KFU.

In 2018, Albert entered the IGPT in the field of “Geology” (majoring in “Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology”).

“I realized that geology is my vocation when, while still at school as part of the preparation for the Olympiad I took part in a field trip for young geologists,” says the undergraduate. “My desire to work in this area has grown stronger after the first year of study at the institute and the first summer field trip. I realized that the profession of a geologist is very in demand and promising, because cities are being built and expanded, and it is geologists and hydrogeologists who design and conduct field, laboratory and computational hydrogeological, engineering-geological and geocryological surveys.”

Today, Albert Korolev is a first-year graduate student in the Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology of Urban Territories Program and is working on his master’s thesis, which is devoted to natural phenomena (landslides, mudflows) that pose a danger to infrastructure under construction.

The undergraduate takes part in the scientific and technical support of engineering and geological surveys on the M-12 expressway under construction, which is part of the”Europe – Western China”  international transport route. It should be noted, that a working group was formed from among the scientists of the IGPT, which took part in description of geological and lithological formations and fractured sites, created large-scale maps of engineering and geological processes development as well as produced hydrogeological modeling of the road section.

However, this was not the only factor on the way to winning the grant competition. According to Albert, he regularly join conferences and writes articles for scientific journals. So, he is the author of 30 publications, 14 of which are included in the international database.

“In the future, I plan to graduate from the Master’s Program and enroll as post graduate student. I want to work in the fields, in the fresh air, it’s a real dream of a geologist! Albert says.