KFU at the “GeoEurasia- 2020” International Geoscience Exhibition

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ГеоЕвразия 2020
CGG 2020

KFU at the “GeoEurasia- 2020” International Geoscience Exhibition

A representative of Kazan Federal University took part in the 3d International Geological and Geophysical Conference and Exhibition «GeoEurasia 2020» held in Moscow. Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director for Marketing of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University and  Director of the Center for Continuing Education, Quality Management and Marketing, met with the managers and specialists of oil and gas industry enterprises , geological and geophysical service companies.

“GeoEurasia” has been held annually since 2018, bringing together around 1000 participants. The program of the conference features exhibitions on  advances  and innovative developments in digital technologies of oil industry, engineering, geophysics and geology. The organizing committee considers the goal of the forum to prepare sites for the exchange of experiences with the aim of creating  scientists and industry specialists  consortium.. The technical program  includes  more than 200 reports.

The exhibition has become an excellent platform for interaction and discussion of key issues of cooperation with current business partners and customers. Besides, the forum gives a good opportunity to find new potential partners and connect with people who will become important in our business”, said Ildus Adgamovich.

During negotiations with the representatives of different leading companies there were reached  a number of agreements on involving them in providing  further education programs at KFU. One of these companies is RockFlowDynamics, which is the developer of tNavigator , a software package for creating and calculating models of oil and gas fields. Currently, IGPT has a line of commercial and academic RFD licenses, including tNavigator, which are used both in the educational process and in the projects commissioned by industry companies. During the meeting with  Kirill Bogachev,  the technical director of the company, the program” Integrated Modeling” to be  jointly provided for managers and specialists of oil and gas companies was discussed. Some more famous companies as CGG  French geophysical company, the scientific and production enterprise Aerogeophysics, Astrakhan Geophysical Expedition, Smartsolо (China), geophysical company Geolab, Skolkovo resident Seismotec  also showed a keen interest in the joint implementation of educational programs.

As early as next month, Uzbekistan will host UzMiningExpo 2020, the largest international specialized exhibition on mining industry.  Viktor Ovcharuk, Director of AGT Systems, a supplier of geophysical equipment and our long-time partner, invited IGPT KFU to participate in the exhibition and present our joint services. The fact is that the company has supplied a large number of unique equipment to Uzbeksitan companies, and the Center for Continuing Education of  IGPTof  KFU, which has competent personnel and a wide range of programs, can help to provide training  on non-seismic methods for Uzbek enterprises, ”Ildus Chukmarov added.

Since the forum brought together developers of the latest software products and unique technologies on its site, much attention was paid to their implementation in the educational process. In this regard, the possibility of transferring academic licenses of various companies to the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies was actively discussed. So, the largest American international corporation Halliburton, which is  providing  services in the oil and gas industry in more than 80 countries around the world, being one of the foremost in the field of software development, expressed a desire to transfer academic licenses to Kazan Federal University. New Zealand company Seequent, that  helps to improve the quality of decision-making in the field of subsoil use, the environment and energy, also supported this idea.  So, the regional director of the company, Inna Shalovenkova, suggested the possibility of training of both the students and teaching staff  of IGPT free of charge.

The availability of relevant courses that meet modern industry challenges is a visiting card of IGPT KFU.  Ildus Chukmarov met with the program manager for IntelSoftware Olga Andrianova and discussed the possibility of participation of  the  company representatives in the implementation of the program “Workshop: the best world practices of cognitive-synergetic effects, strategic and technical solutions in the field of hard-to-recover reserves”. This project will continue a series of unique courses specifically  designed with the participation of the  leading international experts and taking into account the modern challenges facing the oil and gas industry enterprises today. The program will help the companies to cope with the problems that previously seemed insoluble and required many years of data comparison. To recap, the Institute had already had talks with the representatives of IBM and Microsoft on participation in this project.

It is also worth noting, during the meeting with long-standing partners GEOTECH Seismic Exploration and  Rosgeologiya, the issues of establishing new collaborations and implementation of special programs in 2020 were discussed