KFU and ZAO Gradient expand cooperation

KFU and ZAO Gradient expand cooperation

Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University hosted the employees of ZAO Gradient, one of the leading geophysical companies  in the field of passive seismic exploration  and a partner of the university. Ilshat Sharapov, the Chief Geologist, and Vasily Ryzhov, the Head of the Information and Analytical Center, delivered lectures as part of the continuing education program “Monitoring of hydraulic fracturing by microseismic methods”.  They shared their knowledge and experience with the course participants and met with  the students of IGPT. The specialists also had a meeting with Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director for Marketing of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University and Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of KFU and Andrei Teryokhin, Deputy Director for Practices and Interaction with Employers of IGPT.

We have been collaborating in providing continuing education program on microseismic methods for already three years, this being one of the main areas of the company activities.  It is a great honor for us to help our Alma Mater, since the general director Sergey Feofilov and we are graduates of geological faculty of Kazan University,” said Ilshat Sharapov,

On finishing the refresher course, the participants will acquire the basic knowledge of all of the stages of hydraulic fracturing technology. The topics covered include: technologies for downhole and surface microseismic hydraulic frac monitoring, various technologies for locating microseismic events, noise immunity methods, technical and technological risks, data quality control etc. Most of the course program deals with the principles of hydraulic frac monitoring data processing using microseismic.

The Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of KFU implements unique  of its kind programs and uses not only the internal resources of Kazan Federal University, but also external partners. One of our external partners is the Gradient company operating both in Russia and abroad. So, Gradient successfully operates in India. And KFU has a cooperation agreement with  ONGC, the largest Indian state oil and gas corporation. Both work experience and contacts of our graduates from ZAO Gradient  are in great demand, ”Ildus Chukmarov shared.

Vasily Ryzhov, head of the Gradient Information and Analytical Center, a graduate of the Faculty of Physics of KSU told about the recruiting session of Gradient company that has been held in KFU for the first time. “Since the demand for monitoring and microseismic research is growing, both in Russia and in the world, we need to think about the future. In this regard, we began to organize meetings with the students and select them for internship, ” he said.

It is also worth noting that the employee of CATQM&M Aleksey Stepanov, having worked for Gradient company, is currently sharing his work experience in IGPTof KFU.

Representatives of the company regularly take part in student conferences and olympiads, both as sponsors and jury members. For example, ZAO  Gradient  was the general sponsor of the VolgaGeo All-Russian Youth Research to Practice Conference.