Martin Blunt got acquainted with the developments of KFU scientists

Мартин Блант
Мартин Блант Инкубатор дистанционных образовательных проектов видеолкция
Мартин Блант Ильдус Чукмаров

Martin Blunt got acquainted with the developments of KFU scientists

In the past week, Professor of the Imperial College of London Martin Blunt visited Kazan Federal University with his course on Petroleum Engineering provided for graduate students of  the Institute of Geology and Petroleum  Technologies of KFU. He held a public meeting with the students and teaching staff of the Institute and also took part in the University Digital Transformation Forum, which was held  jointly with Times Higher Education.

Every official visit leaves open the possibility of getting acquainted with the multidisciplinary base of KFU in research and educational spheres, being a clear indicator of the goodwill of the academic community of the university. So, on November 28, Professor Martin Blunt and Ildus Chukmarov,  Deputy Director for Marketing of the IGPT of KFU and Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing, had  a business meeting, during which agreements were reached that could significantly expand cooperation between KFU and Imperial College London.

“Professor Blunt took a great interest in the idea of ​​creating joint educational projects in the field of continuing professional education. We considered the possibility of conducting internships for the managers of Russian oil and gas companies in the UK to share experiences. In addition, Martin Blunt became interested in the opportunity to attract his colleagues to implement programs on industry digitalization, artificial intelligence, big data and neural networks. And another joint project could be  creation of virtual reality simulators aimed at training of  KFU and  London Imperial College students, ”said Ildus Chukmarov.

“The students who are taking up Translator’s courses in the Center  also attended the public lecture by Martin Blunt  to improve their  language skills  while listening  to a unique lecture on  reservoir  modeling from a native speaker. Collaboration with Imperial College of London may have more areas of common interest. Along with the training of undergraduate students, these areas also include  partnership in the field of further professional education, as well as the expansion of cooperation of national and international oil and gas industry  enterprises, ”added Ildus Adgamovich.

Professor of the Imperial College of London Martin Blunt  had a video lecture in the “Incubator of distance education projects” recorded , which was created by the CATQM&M.  Also video recording of  all his lectures has been made in order to make valuable information accessible for all the geo students .

After recording a video lecture, the British professor visited the laboratory complex of the Butlerov Chemical Institute of KFU. Laboratory staff members of the Econeft priority area demonstrated to Martin Blant the existing capacity in the field of oil production.  Professor Blunt  got acquainted with the studies in in-situ combustion, creation and testing of catalysts, rheological and thermochemical studies, operation of the combustion pipe etc.. In particular, the professor  managed to find out how geologists and petrochemists of KFU recommend extracting hard-to-recover oils, these projects being  of interest to the world oil companies.

It is worth noting that Kazan petrochemists made a great contribution to the development of advanced technologies in this area. Martin Blunt thanked for the possibility given to get acquainted in detail with the numerous projects of university scientists and  engineering wonders of the present, which have been created in  Econeft research laboratories.