Specialists of “Gaspromneft” Research and Development Center covered an individual internship program in KFU

Ильдус Чукмаров Газпромнефть-НТЦ

Specialists of “Gaspromneft” Research and Development Center covered an individual internship program in KFU

Specialists of “Gaspromneft” Research and  Development Center have been trained in the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of IGPT of KFU on individual internship program. The professional retraining program “Integration of geophysical and geological data in building a conceptual model of oil and gas field” covered by Ilyas Idrisov and Andrey Lomonosov, the company specialists, has been specifically designed by the Center and implemented in the laboratories of Kazan Federal University.

Having graduated from of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of KFU , both of the specialists expressed their willingness to take up the courses in their own Alma Mater. Being students they took part in different projects as the members of REC “TRIZ Modeling” team. Currently, they are doing thesis research under the supervision of Danis Nurgaliev, the Vice-rector for Research and Director of the IGPT of Kazan University. The specialists noted that all the material and the most advanced software products  they need are available in the laboratories of IGPTand 3D GEO Center.

Within the framework of cooperation between KFU and “Gaspromneft” Research and Development Center, the company regularly hosts meetings with university students ,doing interviews and recruiting  them for internship. It is interesting to note that Maksim Mityaev, a graduate of geology faculty of KFU, currently an expert of Department of geology and field development of RDC, holds meetings with the students. The other areas of cooperation include providing of advanced training for the specialists and doing research projects on geochemistry, nonseismic methods and other directions. RDC  researchers regularly study their samples in KFU laboratories.

This year, a course of lectures from the specialists of the company starts in the IGPT of KFU. On finishing the course the specialists will select the candidates for further employment. The best students will be awarded scholarships, they will be supervised by RDC in doing their  pregraduation thesis, as well.