Employees of “Tatneft” examined the digital transformation of oil and gas industry in KFU

Ильдус Адгамович Чукмаров
Ильдус Адгамович Чукмаров_
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Индустрия 4.0
Индустрия 4.0.

Employees of “Tatneft” examined the digital transformation of oil and gas industry in KFU

A group of nine managers and employees of  Super Viscous Oil Production Department of Tatneft  have been  trained in the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of IGPT of KFU on  the professional retraining program  «Improving the operational efficiency of the production system and the tools to reduce costs and increase oil and gas production  within the conditions of rapid changes in  Industry 4.0. The experience of international companies”.

The invited experts and employees told about the robotic development of oil fields, modern challenges of the oil and gas industry, cybersecurity of industrial infrastructures, the basic principles of planning in an oil company, the construction of accounting and monitoring system, as well as the  methods of assessment of the company performance.

A group of  seventeen managers and specialists of  Tatneft, Tyumen branch of SurgutNIPIneft, All-Russia Petroleum Research Exploration Institute (VNIGRI), Tyumen oil research center of NK Rosneft,  LUKOIL-Western Siberia,  Kogalymnipineft and  VolgogradNIPImorneft, were awarded certificates of advanced training on completion of the programs  «Petrophysics and geophysics in oil and gas geology», «Application of Geophysics in the study of oil and gas fields”, “Training to work in a multidisciplinary team of geologists and hydrodynamics».

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