IGPTof KFU introduces new technologies of distance education

IGPTof KFU introduces new technologies of distance education

In the Incubator of distant educational projects of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies at KFU, a webinar of Mikhail Karavanov, Trimble (USA) official representative, was held. The lecturer tells about the use of the Trimble SX10 scanning tacheometer via  the example of the historical building of the Astronomical Observatory of Kazan University.

Trimble is known as one of the largest international companies in the field of  development of location-based signaling systems for satellite-based global navigation (GPS) systems, as well as the creation and promotion of geodetic instruments.

Due to this project it has become possible to collect, to process, to replicate and to accompany distance education programs in the Incubator of distance education projects of  IGP T of  KFU. The site allows you to create high-quality multimedia content, which is used both for training bachelors, masters and post-graduate students, as well as production workers as part of  additional professional education of the CATQM&M.

“Trimble has been cooperating  with Kazan Federal University for more than 15 years.”, said  Mikhail Karavanov, an  official representative of Trimble. He  arrived in KFU to participate in the annual seminar “Actual issues of organizing and conducting geodetic, surveying, land use works and remote sensing techniques  of the Earth in surveying,” held at the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing  of  the  IGPT of KFU.

To recap, in 2013, during the third specialized exhibition “GEO-KAZAN: Geological exploration. Geodesy. Cartography ” a cooperation agreement between KFU and Trimble  was signed, under which the company provides the  university with the equipment, moreover, some of the technologies and software are transferred to the university free of charge.