Technology day of AO Bashneftegeofizika was held at KFU

Technology day of AO Bashneftegeofizika was held at KFU

Managers and leading specialists of AO Bashneftegeofizika visited the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University.

AO Bashneftegeofizika is an integrated group of companies uniting enterprises of geophysical service and geophysical industry. With the staff of seven thousand employees it is one of the leading companies in Russia. Representative offices of the company are located in the large oil and gas producing centers of Russia: the Volga-Ural region, Western Siberia, the Nenets Autonomous District and Eastern Siberia.

Elena Erantseva, the head of the personnel assessment and development department, Marina Galanova, the chief specialist of personnel management at  Geostra Urals Research Center and Idlar Yagudin, the chief geophysicist of the quality control department of the Directorate of Exploration Geophysics, got acquainted with the IGPT laboratories and studied the research laboratory of well geophysics (training well) and Incubator of educational projects. But the main purpose of the visit was meeting with the students of the IGPT. The students got acquainted with the company and its main activities and were offered to do tests. They also received information about the internship and the possibility of employment.

In addition, within the framework of Technology Day, master classes and lectures on seismic data interpretation and quality control of seismic data were delivered.

Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director of IGPT and Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing  noted that geo- students  have a unique opportunity to  regularly meet with the representatives of the leading oil and gas companies and find out about current vacancies. AO Bashneftegeofizika being a long-time business partner of Kazan geological faculty, offers good prospects for career growth and development of the graduates.

During the visit a number of joint projects have been discussed. One of these projects is the training  of target groups upon a special program created specifically on request of AO Bashneftegeofizika  to meet the production tasks of the company.

“We have discussed in details possible options for cooperation in the career development of our employees. We got interested in new educational technologies  in advanced training being used by the Center both for full-time and distance learning  programs”, shared Elena Erantseva.

Much attention was paid to the joint creation of multimedia content both for the occupational guidance site for schoolchildren and advanced professional training programs for corporate training of the company employees, that could become a major project for KFU and Bashneftegeofizika. In order to create such unique content, the Incubator of distance education projects of IGPT KFU was created.

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