Kazan Federal University and the leading national oil and gas company of India signed a cooperation agreement

Kazan Federal University and the leading national oil and gas company of India signed a cooperation agreement

Danis Nurgaliyev, the Vice-Rector for Research and Director of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of  Kazan Federal University, and Shri Omkar Nath Gyani, director of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited Research Institute (ONGC), signed a cooperation agreement between Kazan Federal University and one of the largest Indian national oil and gas corporation. The agreement provides for mutually beneficial cooperation in the following  educational and research areas: retraining and advanced training of managers and engineering and technical personnel of ONGC; training of the  specialists of  ONGC company at KF  ; organization of internships for the students and the faculty staff of the university  at the premises of the company  in India;   the use of scientific, technical and innovation potential of the university in advanced  developments of ONGC;   industrial introduction of  leading-edge developments in the field of oil production; support of innovations introduced in ONGC.

This cooperation will allow us to gain new competencies, both during the training of our employees and in the course of joint research work. Today, the priority for ONGC is to develop low-permeability reservoirs and fields with high temperature and high salinity. The technologies developed at the Kazan Federal University can assist in solving these problems, “ said Shri  Omkar Nath Gyani.  Danis Nurgaliyev, in his  turn, noted that the partnership with India’s leading oil and gas corporation has good prospects:  “We have already managed to form a roadmap of cooperation, which has more than 10 directions. This year we begin two joint projects on thermal methods for enhanced oil recovery “.

Currently, one of the largest combustion  projects at the Santol and Balol fields in India is underway, and it is very important  that the company  should correctly evaluate and control this development. Technologies offered by KFU can significantly improve the efficiency of the project. In addition, employees of the Indian company are interested in the developments of KFU in  the production of catalysts for aquathermolysis and combustion, polymers and surfactants to increase production efficiency. During the discussion of further joint work, it was decided to conduct test trials of KFU at several ONGC sites, ” shared Mikhail Varfolomeyev,  the head of the Department of Development and Operation of Hard-to-Recover Hydrocarbon Reservoir of the IGPT and  the supervisor of “Ecooil” research work.  Vladislav Sudakov,   the deputy director of IGPT on innovation activities and  the head of the REC ” TRIZ Modeling ”    presented the developments of the university researchers in the field of artificial intelligence, neural networks and modeling which caught  a keen interest of ONGC specialists.

Much attention was paid to the issue of improving the skills of the managers and engineers and technical personnel of ONGC. During the visit, Alexey Stepanov, a staff member of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing, presented additional professional education programs provided at the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of KFU.

It is worth noting that the signing of this agreement was made possible due to the visit and participation of the ONGC delegation in the II International seminar-conference ThEOR-2017 organized by Kazan Federal University.