Representatives of «Izhevsk Oil Research Center» visited Kazan Federal University

Representatives of «Izhevsk Oil Research Center» visited Kazan Federal University

The delegation of Izhevsk Petroleum Research Center visited the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of  Kazan Federal University in order to attract talented students for internships with further employment, as well as to discuss possible joint educational and research projects.

Izhevsk Oil Research Center  is one of the leaders among research and design institutes of PAO “NK Rosneft “, the key areas of which are: geology and development, design and exploration work, and production engineering.

It is interesting to note that  in September  this year,  Kazan Federal University was included in the list of Basic universities of Rosneft, which provides for joint work in the field of personnel training, staff development, and scientific and innovative activities.

Ildus Chukmarov, deputy director of IGNGT and director of the Center for Continuing Education, Quality Management and Marketing  said …..”A great interest of  the enterprise employees  was caused by the professional retraining programs in hydrogeology and engineering-geological surveys, as well as advanced training programs for specialists in surveying service. At the moment, there is an active discussion on the educational programs and making  a roadmap of cooperation .”

The head of the Department of General Geology and Hydrogeology at IGPT, Eduard Korolev, spoke about the work being done and expressed his opinion on the current problem of  the Izhevsk Oil Research Center CJSC of justifying a landfill for pumping industrial waters into subterranean horizons. They discussed possible solutions to the problem and demonstrated the capabilities of the  Institute, its laboratory and the existing developments in this direction.