KFU and Geosteering Technologies trained Cuban oil industry specialists

KFU and Geosteering Technologies trained Cuban oil industry specialists

Twenty specialists of the Unión Cuba-Petróleo have completed their training under the  “Geomechanical modeling during drilling and well completion” advanced training program implemented by the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of IGPT, KFU  together with Geosteering Technologies LLC. The training was held in Havana.

Camilla Chettykbaeva, Leading specialist in geomechanics and Yuri Petrakov, Chief Engineer of Geosteering Technologies LLC presented the CUPET employees on the basic concepts of rock mechanics, theoretical and practical aspects of using geomechanical data for well design and maintenance during construction, concept and designs of the mechanical Earth model. Practical classes on designing a well profile and building a model of wellbore stability were held on a special software created by the CATQMM’s partner company.

Geosteering Technologies LLC is one of the leading Russian software developers for “smart drilling”.

The company provides integrated and modular software solutions as well as remote drilling support services based on them. More than 1000 horizontal and directional wells were drilled with the help of these software products.

“I would like to note that our Center cooperates with leading companies in the industry from around the world. CATQMM’s partners, who are able to share their practical skills and unique knowledge are taking part in the implementation of programs under a contract with the state-owned oil company of Cuba.

Participation of such specialists in the learning process is highly appreciated both by the students and by the management of CUPET,” said Ildus Chukmarov, Director of the CATQMM.

The next 7th training course for CUPET specialists, “Methods of enhanced oil recovery”, starts on June 24 in Havana.