KFU and LUKOIL-Engineering are well along toward the cooperation

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KFU and LUKOIL-Engineering are well along toward the cooperation

A group of managers and specialists of LUKOIL-Engineering subsidiaries came to visit Kazan Federal University. The employees of  LUKOIL-PERM and LUKOIL-Komi got acquainted with the laboratories of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies, Butlerov Chemical Institute, “TRIZ Modeling” REC  and developments of ” Ekoneft” researchers, as well as the capabilities of the  Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of IGPT of KFU.

LUKOIL-Engineering is the center for managing all innovative activities of  LUKOIL, the main objective of the enterprise  being  provision of engineering support for advanced  technologies used in the field of exploration, development and enhancement of oil recovery, as well as   carrying out expert examination of design decisions.

To recap, in the last month, 27 managers of LUKOIL-Engineering headed by CEO Vadim Voevodkin visited Kazan Federal University. The present visit is aimed at getting acquainted in detail with the laboratories of the university, its educational programs and discussing joint projects with Kazan scientists.

“ For many years, Kazan Federal University has successfully solved the production challenges facing the oil and gas industry and  has been working in symbiosis with the leading companies. We are not a production organization, our primary task is to promote  education and science. It is worth noting that this area of research  in KFU is developing not only from the point of view of geologists, geophysicists and chemists, physicists, mathematicians and engineers are also actively involved in the work. Science needs having a broader perspective of the problem .Such work is useful  both for the company and the university”,  told the guests Danis Nurgaliev, the Vice-rector for Research and Director of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan University

Denis Glushkov, head of the department for analytical processing of core test analysis at LUKOIL-Perm, having acquainted himself with all the types of core research works being carried out at IGPT (from sample preparation to digital core), denoted that some research works  are not available in oil companies due to the high cost of equipment. “ KFU facilities and excellent equipment allow us to conduct unique experiments and use the results in practice. We must admit, that along with educational activities, Kazan Federal University is famous for its school of sciences and highly qualified specialists who carry out a wide range of studies. ”

The guests paid great attention to educational projects that were presented by Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director for Marketing of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University and Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing. Ildus Adgamovich specified that organizing  such meetings by the Center is a catalyst for expanding cooperation between university departments and  the real economy enterprises in all areas,  in particular, in oil and gas industry.  He said that the Center is successfully developing and implementing  individual internship programs for the specialists of oil and gas industry at KFU.

The managers and specialists of LUKOIL-Engineering took this opportunity with great interest and enthusiasm. ” We got really interested in the possibility of internships, since the company employees are expected to get a theoretical basis and practical skills in your  well-equipped laboratories that we were impressed by.” said Alexander Mitroshin, deputy director for research in oil and gas production.

The outcome of the visit was a round table talk during which a joint project on cooperation agreement was discussed. A plan for 2020 will be drawn up for the training of company employees in the  Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing, part-time, distance and on-site training  programs being included. Also, a roadmap for cooperation will be made up which includes interaction in research and educational fields. In addition, LUKOIL-Engineering specialists highly appreciated the capabilities of the “Incubator of distance educational projects ” and expressed a willingness to create online lectures to be  provided for their employees, as well as, for the students of partner universities of the company