LLC RN-BashNIPIneft continues distance learning of managers and specialists in KFU

LLC RN-BashNIPIneft continues distance learning of managers and specialists in KFU

This week, employees of RN-BashNIPIneft LLC began distance learning at the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of Kazan Federal University under the continuing education program «Development and operation of oil and gas fields, oil recovery enhancement methods.»

Within five days, employees of a subsidiary of Rosneft PJSC will study electronic educational resources and listen to webinars from leading teachers of University. At the end of this refresher course, students will gain knowledge of all theoretical and applied aspects of oil and gas business, the development and operation of oil and gas fields, including lectures and practical exercises in the geology and geochemistry of oil and gas, analysis and design of the development of oil and gas fields, oil exploitation and gas wells.

“Kazan Federal University is one of the leaders in the field of thermal oil recovery enhancement methods. And the lecturers are teachers working on real projects in the unique laboratories. During the upcoming lecture course, it is also planned to present unique developments of KFU: in-situ combustion technology, developments involving steam injection, as well as technologies related to thermogasochemical exposure. Our head will be informed about this by the head of the department for the development and operation of hard-to-recover hydrocarbon deposits at Institute, the head of the SAE “Ekoneft” Mikhail Varfolomeev and associate professor of the department Sergey Dolgikh”, — said Ildus Chukmarov, director of the Center.

According to these technologies, Kazan Federal University is successfully developing its research activities, various types of research have been conducted, and scientific articles have been prepared. Many developments have patents, went through field trials and are actively being implemented at the facilities of oil companies. As part of distance learning, the possibility of introducing KFU developments in the divisions of Rosneft PJSC will be simultaneously considered.

“Developing a new program, we always take into account the needs of our customers, study global trends in this area and use the results of the research activities of KFU divisions. Today, the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies is becoming known throughout the world, both for its scientific developments and educational programs. 30% of the students of the Institute are foreign citizens. And the number of foreign listeners of the Center is replenished every year, as evidenced by our international projects. Thus, studying with us, students get a complete picture of the latest developments and promising projects. We adhere to the same principle when we implement our full-time courses. Excursions to our laboratories are organized for students of all face-to-face programs, introductory lectures on new technologies and developments are held, they can communicate directly with our scientists”, — Ildus Adgamovich added.

The continuing education program will end with final testing, which will take place at the distance learning site of Kazan Federal University. Recall that this year, 29 employees of the structural divisions of Rosneft PJSC have already successfully completed their training in nine programs at the Center also online. It is planned to continue work and expand cooperation this and next year.