Director of the CATM&M met with Professor of Imperial College of London Adriana Paluzhni

Director of the CATM&M met with Professor of Imperial College of London Adriana Paluzhni

Professor of Imperial College Adriana Paluzhni  paid a visit  to KFU as part of the Petroleum Engineering Double Degree Master’s program, being implemented by Kazan Federal University and the Imperial College of London with the support of Rosneft and BP “Exploration Operating Company Limited”.

On February 27, Professor Paluzhni provided a public lecture for the students of Kazan Federal University. After the classes with graduate students of Petroleum Engineering program  Adriana Paluzhni met with  Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director for Marketing of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of KFU and Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing. The parties discussed the issues of participation of the professor  in recording of scientific and educational video materials for you tube channel of the Center. The declared Internet portal allows to make retraining and advanced training courses more accessible to the consumers.  It is worth noting that due to this channel, the lectures of Martin Blunt, a famous British professor of Imperial College of London, is currently available on the online platform of the CATQM&M.

Today, our you tube channel collected more than one and a half thousand subscribers and fifty thousand views. We managed to get closer to the status of Coursera, the so-called  projects on massive  online education.  Many experts, teachers and professors from various countries, taking part in the creation of our courses, are invited  to  have take their  micro-lessons recorded , revealing aspects of both scientific focus and activities, ”said Ildus Chukmarov

Professor Paluzhni approved the initiative of having a video lecture in the “Incubator of distance education projects” recorded. The video material created by the CATQM&M will be available to every Internet user.

During the meeting, the guest was demonstrated really powerful capabilities of the Institute for the implementation of distance learning programs. KFU specialists have gained a good experience in creating high-quality retraining and advanced training courses, using up-to-date resources, modern equipment and professional digital solutions. Distance learning courses of the  Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing are gaining popularity.

Professor Paluzhni was also told about the work of the CDOGEO.RU online store, the Moodle system, known as an electronic course management system, as well as the unique technology called “one site – one course”. The final issue on the agenda was the prospects for creation of the courses in the field of competencies of Professor Paluzhni to be provided in the English language remotely, which will allow the colleagues to keep in touch regardless of geographical setting.

Over the years, the Center has been able to prove its advantages in practice. It is worth noting that the introduction and promotion of distance education on the basis of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing  will contribute to the development of international relations, which is confirmed by the latest cooperation agreements of KFU with the leading oil and gas companies.