CdoGEO KFU resumed field courses in Cuba

CdoGEO KFU resumed field courses in Cuba

From April 18 to April 22, CdoGEO implemented the advanced training program “Tecnología SAGD para extraer petróleo de alta viscosidad” (SAGD technology for high-viscosity oils production) in the capital of the Republic of Cuba, Havana. The participants of the program were employees of the oil and gas company CUPET and its subdivisions.

Classes in Cuba for industry professionals were conducted by expert Marat Lyabipov and Senior Researcher at the In-situ Combustion Research Laboratory Irek Mukhammatdinov.

“All listeners highly appreciated the program, there were no comments on the program’s content,” says Irek Mukhammatdinov. The Cubans especially liked the section on catalysts, as many of them work with Zarubezhneft JSC and develop the Boca de Jaruco field using our reagents. It should be reminded that KFU delivered the second batch of the catalyst in February this year. In general, everyone liked the course on SAGD technologies, the participants noted that they would apply the acquired knowledge in practice in their work. Moreover, on the last day there was held the Scientific and Technical Council of CIENPET (a division of CUPET) , where we presented our technologies both at the stage of pilot testing, and at the stage of idea and patenting.

“I express my gratitude to the teachers who conducted the course on SAGD technologies. They shared their knowledge in a professional and structured way, even made presentations at the conference. I would be very happy if I could take part in other CdoGEO courses,” said Tais, who studied Master’s program at the IGPT of KFU in 2016-2018.

“CdoGEO has been successfully implementing advanced training courses in Cuba since 2015,” says Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director for Marketing, Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing (CdoGEO). – In 2018-2019, advanced training was organized for 220 CUPET managers and specialists in 11 different programs. The result of this work was the decision of the Cupet management to conclude a new contract for the implementation of another 15 programs, so our cooperation continues to develop.  In 2022 it is also planned the training under the programs of the World-Class Scientific Center: “Measurements while drilling” and “Geomechanics (advanced course)” for employees of CUPET and its divisions.

It should be noted that in 2021 the CdoGEO team joined the branch of the Russian Society for Friendship with Cuba in the Republic of Tatarstan. Ildus Chukmarov is the chairman of the RSFC branch in the Republic of Tatarstan.