CdoGEO successfully completed training in Metrology for specialists from Kazakhstan

CdoGEO successfully completed training in Metrology for specialists from Kazakhstan

On October 8, the training under the “Practical Application of Geostatistics in Building Geological Models”, “Remote Sensing of the Earth” and “Metrological support, measurements of the amount of oil, oil products, associated petroleum and natural gases, physical and chemical measurements: verification and calibration of in-flow moisture meters” advanced training programs was completed at the CdoGEO IGPT KFU.

The training was conducted in full-time and hybrid forms.

The program listeners are employees of LLC RN-BashNIPIneft, LLC TNG-Kazangeofizika, JSC Moskvahydrotruboprovod, LLC SamaraNIPIneft. The participants of the course in metrology are specialists from Kazakhstan, employees of the RSE KazStandard, who came to Kazan specifically to improve their qualifications in this area. In addition, specialists from Uzbekistan, which are the employees of the State Institution IGIRNIGM and JSC Uzbekgeofizika continued their training at CdoGEO.

All listeners were satisfied with the courses. In the satisfaction questionnaires, they gave high marks for the organization and implementation of the above programs. The listeners expressed their gratitude to the course instructors.

Here is one of the feedbacks: “In addition to theory, the course program includes a large amount of practical information that is up-to-date and relevant and which can be applied in work. Review of methods and tools (aerial photography equipment, as well as software). I’m happy with the course! Thank you”.

“It is gratifying that invited specialists take part in the implementation of our courses, for example, our long-time partner, director of Eridan LLC Rafik Nazarov as well as course instructors from VNIIR, a branch of FSUE VNIIR named after Mendeleev”R.R. Nurmukhametov, A.N. Chevdar, E.M. Shchukin, M.S. Sannikov. — says Ildus Chukmarov, Deputy Director of IGPT for Marketing, Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing (CdoGEO). “We are waiting for all listeners at our new courses developed within the framework of the World-Class Research Center (WCRC). Also at the end of October, we will launch “Hydrate Technologies for the Transportation and Storage of Hydrocarbons and Separation of Gas Mixtures” program, which taking into account global trends will be of interest to managers and specialists of gas production enterprises. We invite all listeners who studied remotely this week to our face-to-face courses!”